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Kami menjual Magnet Trap untuk berbagai aplikasi, baik untuk aplikasi food dan beverage, plastik, kimia, farmasi, maupun non Food

Beberapa Produk kami memiliki ukuran standar, maupun custom yang disesuaikan dengan kebutuhan anda. Beberapa Produk kami ready stock. Diantara produk kami, magnet bar, magnet trap powder, magnet trap liquid, plate magnet trap, rotary magnet trap, Grate Magnet trap, Pulley magnet trap, Bullet Magnet trap. Selain Itu Terdapat alat uji kekuatan magnet seperti Gaussmeter, Teslameter, maupun Push Pull analog atau Digital.

Magnet Sheet

These magnet sheets are tough and durable, great for creating removable signs to use on vehicles or other metal surfaces. They are smooth, pliant, non-porous, highly magnetic, and weather-resistant.
The sheets contain no plasticizers which may cause problems with painted surfaces, but it is recommended that both the sign and the underlying surface be washed and dried weekly.
Requires no special preparation or cleaning compounds prior to lettering. Accepts hand lettering, lettering enamels, or enamel screen printing inks. Thick magnet sheet is 1 mm and width is 600 mm.
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